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Monthly Archives: March 2014

Metro Dash 600m Sprint October 8th 2011 Auburn, MA The Event: Metro Dash is not a mud run, but it is an obstacle race. It’s a challenging sprint through a “gut wrenching, muscle pounding, make you want to through up (their typo not mine) obstacle course”. In a type of racing dominated by longer distances with 5000 meters being considered short, Metro Dash offers a unique experience by packing obstacles into 600 meters…. Read More

Rugged Maniac 5k September 24th 2011 Southwick, MA The Event: The Rugged Maniac recently held in Southwick was a 5k Adventure Run billed as being designed by the Navy SEALs and combining “the most rugged terrain and burly obstacles”. It’s also not billed as a “race” but as a “race and music festival”. Getting There & Parking: Getting there was a breeze since it was being held at an easily Google-able race track. There… Read More

Rugged Maniac 5k October 2nd 2010 Southwick, MA The Event: The Rugged Maniac recently held in Southwick was a 5k Adventure Run billed as being “not for the faint of heart, frail of body, or weak of mind… to push your limits and determine how rugged you truly are”. It was to be an event that combined “the most rugged terrain and burly obstacles”. Getting There & Parking: Getting there was a breeze since… Read More

GoRuck Challenge 17 Miles September 17th 2011 Boston, MA The Event: The GoRuck Challenge isn’t in race format like the other events I’ve done, so it will be hard to compare it to anything else or to even fit it into my template that I have for reviewing these things. The GRC is a team event capped at 30 people per team ( or “class” ) created by a former Green Beret and… Read More

Spartan Races – Beast 12+ Miles August 6th 2011 Killington, VT The Event: Spartan Races call themselves the “world leader in obstacle racing”. They have multiple event formats from their 5k Sprints, to their 8 mile Supers, to the 10+ mile Beasts, culminating in the multi-day Death Race. This was the first Beast, and it was obvious they were going to try to make a splash competing with other events out there of… Read More

Ruckus Sports – Ruckus Boston 4 Miles June 4th 2011 Marshfield, MA The Event: It’s a 4 mile obstacle course run part on-road and part off-road. They don’t want to be known as just another mud run. In their words, “We are not a trail run or mud run – we build obstacle courses.” They also offer a Mini Ruckus Challenge for children. Getting There & Parking: Luckily the Marshfield Fair Grounds are easily… Read More

Tough Mudder 10+ Miles May 7th 2011 Mt Snow, VT The Event: By now everybody into Adventure Running has heard of the Tough Mudder. It is essentially the event by which all other events are measured. It combines long distance, strenuous courses with some of the best obstacles that anybody is offering. I’m not sure about their tagline of being possibly “the toughest one day event on the planet”, but they are tough… Read More

Tough Mudder 12.5 Miles November 21st 2010 Englishtown, NJ The Event: The Tough Mudder is billed as the “toughest one day event in the world”. This particular inception of the Tough Mudder featured 19 obstacles spread out over 12.1 miles of mud, fun, and pain. This event holds some special meaning to me because I raised a little over $1500 for it that went to the Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research… Read More

Ruckus Sports – Ruckus Boston 3.5 Miles November 13th 2010 Marshfield, MA The Event: Ruckus Boston described itself as the most physically demanding obstacle course available. It’s a “3+” mile course that took place at the Marshfield Fair Grounds in Marshfield, Massachusetts. It features “authentic, military-grade obstacles”. Getting There & Parking: No problem finding this course either, but there could have been better signage. Parking wasn’t issue. The lots were staffed making sure parking… Read More