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Death Race 2014 Updates Stream: http://www.peak.com/death-races/death-race-stream/  Death Race 2015 Registration: http://www.eventbrite.com/e/2015-death-race-tickets-12088173051 Spartan Races – The Death Race 60+ Hours & Too Many Miles June 15th – June 18th 2012 Pittsfield, VT The Event: The Death Race is as much a mental challenge as it is a physical beating. Hard, grueling terrain mixed with strenuous challenges and combined with a healthy dose of mind games make this event unique in the newly evolving world of… Read More

A lot of us are training wrong… all wrong.   Not only are we not reaching our potential due to this improper training, but we can even be hampering any meaningful progress at all.  This is because we train too hard.  Does any of this sound like you? Typically you chose to run a distance for training and then run that distance as fast as you can. You rely more heavily on high… Read More

I come from a traditional team athletics background, and I always picked up skill sports pretty quickly. I’m no Bo Jackson (you younger folks can Google him), but it usually doesn’t take me too long to become respectably proficient in my sport du jour, and I’ve had a lot of them since leaving school. With endurance sports or strength sports, that’s just not the case.  Athletic ability helps, but there are no… Read More

Ironman Syracuse 70.3 70.3 Miles (1.2 mile swim – 56 mile bike – 13.1 mile run) June 22nd 2014 Jamesville, NY (Syracuse) I have angered the race gods. I’m not sure what I could have done, but they are upset, and I have felt their wrath.  This was a fun race despite the universe conspiring to make it miserable for me.

I only got into road cycling last June when I decided to train for a triathlon, and there were a number of things that caught me by surprise. I realized that I had been an utter asshole at times to cyclists, and I want to share how you may be an unintentional asshole too. Obviously there are some entitled cyclists that are assholes themselves, but they are in the minority. Give a… Read More

Source – Runner’s World In a real world experiment, marathoners with specific fueling plan ran 11-minutes faster. The annals of fluid- and carb-taking research are overflowing with laboratory studies, i.e., runners on a treadmill. These studies almost always show that endurance athletes perform better when they drink something and consume some carbs. In the lab. On the treadmill.

I think this point strikes home a valuable lesson. We spend so much time planning for the future, but we never know what tomorrow will really bring. If there’s something you want to do, then do it now or at least start working towards it. Don’t wait until you’re “ready” or until it’s a “better time”.

Source – Outside Magazine –  Human lung and star ultrarunner Kilian Jornet has nabbed the fastest known time (FKT) for ascending and descending Alaska’s 20,237-foot Mount McKinley, completing the West Buttress route in June 2014 in a thigh-frying 11 hours, 40 minutes. Though records on McKinley are only loosely tracked, the previous FKT was 16 hours, 46 minutes, set by Ed Warren in 2013.

        Peak Races 30 Mile Ultra Marathon 33+ miles in the hills of Vermont May 31st 2014 Pittsfield, VT This year’s Peak Ultra was to be my first “ultra distance” event where I wasn’t rucking a heavy load, doing manual labor tasks and calisthenics, and/or running through obstacles.  It’s just running or as close to running as you can get while scaling steep trails and traversing through deep mud.  For… Read More