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Death Race 2014 Updates Stream: http://www.peak.com/death-races/death-race-stream/  Death Race 2015 Registration: http://www.eventbrite.com/e/2015-death-race-tickets-12088173051 Spartan Races – The Death Race 60+ Hours & Too Many Miles June 15th – June 18th 2012 Pittsfield, VT The Event: The Death Race is as much a mental challenge as it is a physical beating. Hard, grueling terrain mixed with strenuous challenges and combined with a healthy dose of mind games make this event unique in the newly evolving world of… Read More

        Peak Races 30 Mile Ultra Marathon 33+ miles in the hills of Vermont May 31st 2014 Pittsfield, VT This year’s Peak Ultra was to be my first “ultra distance” event where I wasn’t rucking a heavy load, doing manual labor tasks and calisthenics, and/or running through obstacles.  It’s just running or as close to running as you can get while scaling steep trails and traversing through deep mud.  For… Read More

Spartan Races – Beast 12+ Miles August 6th 2011 Killington, VT The Event: Spartan Races call themselves the “world leader in obstacle racing”. They have multiple event formats from their 5k Sprints, to their 8 mile Supers, to the 10+ mile Beasts, culminating in the multi-day Death Race. This was the first Beast, and it was obvious they were going to try to make a splash competing with other events out there of… Read More

Tough Mudder 10+ Miles May 7th 2011 Mt Snow, VT The Event: By now everybody into Adventure Running has heard of the Tough Mudder. It is essentially the event by which all other events are measured. It combines long distance, strenuous courses with some of the best obstacles that anybody is offering. I’m not sure about their tagline of being possibly “the toughest one day event on the planet”, but they are tough… Read More