AppAssure is a pretty good product, and I’m happy with it for the most part. It does have its hiccups like most Exchange backup solutions, and working with support over those has been hit and miss. Read More

I wrote about how most people train too hard for their endurance competitions in my post “Hey you! You’re training too hard. Stop it!”  The short-short version is that elite, world/Olympic champion performers in endurance sports like running, cycling, swimming, rowing, cross country skiing, speed skating, and triathlon spend most of their training hours at very low intensity levels.  Most amateurs from ignorance and the “feel” of training, train way too intensely.  They train near, at, or over threshold whereas they should be training way below threshold to build their aerobic capacity.

I was just looking over a publication from the World Conference of Science in Triathlon, and I saw a study called, Training Intensity distribution during an Ironman season: relationship with competition performance.   They studied training distribution in heart rate training zones and eventual performance in Ironman competition.  The zones are broken down as Zone 1/below threshold, Zone 2/Threshold (where most amateurs commonly train), and Zone 3/above threshold.  As you’d expect if you’re familiar with science behind endurance training, the people with a large distribution of training in zone 1/below threshold, performed much better than those training at or above threshold. Read More

You probably aren’t getting the most out of your training.  Lack of rest and recovery is why.

How often do you rest?  How often do you deload? 


If you are like a lot of people I see on my Facebook feed, the answer is rarely or never.  A lot of people take pride in the fact that they don’t rest often or that they don’t taper before comps. I just shake my head when I see that. That isn’t bad ass to me. That isn’t cool to me. That is just plain stupid. Read More


Ironman 70.3 Timberman

70.3 Miles (1.2 mile swim – 56 mile bike – 13.1 mile run)

August 17th 2014

Gilford, NH


I have come to the unfortunate conclusion that triathlons just plain hate me. There is no question about it. Maybe it’s the fact that I got into them last year only after tearing my ankle pretty badly in a freak ice climbing fall.


Wait.  Where did my ankle actually go?

Whatever it is, I’ve yet to have a good lead-in to a triathlon.  The above picture shows my lead-in to Timberman last year (my first triathlon).  I wrote about the week from hell including a T1 flat in Syracuse (my second triathlon).  Since Timberman #2, I was waiting in the water at the Lake Tahoe IM for my first full ironman to kick off when it was cancelled due to a wildfire. Funny that I had a good lead-in to that race. I should have known something was up. Read More

Ironman Lake Tahoe 2014 Cancelled

I have a lot of disappointments in my life.  My parents didn’t always get me the GI Joe’s I wanted, I didn’t actually become a Major League baseball player, and much to my chagrin Bruce Willis was dead at the end of Sixth Sense.  Sorry for no spoiler alert.  Time to add one more to the list. Hey you remember that year that you sacrificed your strength and mass, sacrificed your time and most of your weekends, never got out to the mountains to run, hike, or climb because you were too busy sucking exhaust fumes on local streets, and teetered precariously on the knife’s edge of too much endurance training volume leaving you exhausted and beat up at the end of every day just so you could perform your best on one magical fall day, and then that fall day never happened?  Yeah.  That was awesome!

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1. The art of enjoying being as miserable as possible in beautiful places while spending as little time as possible in those beautiful places due to speed of travel.

synonyms: masochism

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Fortunately, this applicable to Android and all other mobile devices too. Trashing on cell phones and social media is en vogue these days.  It seems to have culminated in the YouTube hit “Look Up”

Cell phones and social media are just tools though, and powerful ones at that. Its benefit is dependent on its use just like any other tool. I’m not going to site here and rail against them as I type I blog post that will be shared on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Rather we just need to be reminded to use these things to enrich our lives and that true human interaction and experience shouldn’t be missed just to see that goofy cat picture that your acquaintance that you haven’t seen since grade school just posted.


This times about a billion. People are risking their lives crossing shark-filled seas on rubber rafts just to get a sniff of what the developed world has to offer, and we’re over here all: Read More


This fucking guy. Who does he think he is? Free solo legend (climbing without a rope) Alex Honnold just ripped off another amazing feat the other week.  He climbed 7 routes on 3,000′ El Cap in Yosemite in 7 days.  He set 4 new speed records in the process.  Full story and interview can be found here.  Most people aim to climb one of those routes over multiple days, and that will be the pinnacle of their climbing accomplishments.  The routes:

  • New Jersey Turnpike (12 hours 24 minutes — new speed record)
  • Tangerine Trip (9:28 — new speed record)
  • Eagle’s Way (7:56 — new speed record)
  • Nose (5:16)
  • Lurking Fear (5:05)
  • Zodiac (5:05)
  • Triple Direct (5:15 — new speed record)

Alex being Alex:





I stumbled on this the other day mainly because of a Twitter interaction. It’s a new product called ActivBeacon for your phone (currently only iPhone4 or above).  The idea is simple. It uses the onboard accelerometers on your phone combined with GPS to determine if you have a fall, crash, or stop moving.  When that happens, it sends out a emergency text and voice messages with your GPS coordinates to your designated friends and family that something has happened, so they can contact emergency services.  Read More