People wish for what you take for granted


This times about a billion. People are risking their lives crossing shark-filled seas on rubber rafts just to get a sniff of what the developed world has to offer, and we’re over here all:

“OMG. I have the worst internet connection EVER! It’s taking me too long to download this totally irrelevant, unnecessary app for my phone”

“I was so busy at the job paying me a livable wage with a 401k, medical, and dental that I didn’t have time eat lunch despite there being machines filled with food down the hall as well as nearby stores and restaurants filled with food options all of which I can easily afford! I might literally starve to death!”

“OMG! My safely constructed home with reliable electricity and indoor plumbing in my safe city in my safe state has no central a/c! Life is rough!”

“OMG! The service at this restaurant serving unnecessarily large portions is taking at least 10 minutes out of my life. It’s totally ruined my night.”

I’m not saying our problems aren’t real or that they don’t affect us. Everything is relative after all. I’m just saying we should have just a little perspective when we want to complain about where those complaints stand in the grand scheme of things and just how lucky we are to be complaining about most things.  If you’re reading this, you probably have a really nice life all things considered, and a lot of people would love to be in your shoes with your opportunities.  Don’t squander them.


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