Alex Honnold being Alex Honnold taking you into the weekend


This fucking guy. Who does he think he is? Free solo legend (climbing without a rope) Alex Honnold just ripped off another amazing feat the other week.  He climbed 7 routes on 3,000′ El Cap in Yosemite in 7 days.  He set 4 new speed records in the process.  Full story and interview can be found here.  Most people aim to climb one of those routes over multiple days, and that will be the pinnacle of their climbing accomplishments.  The routes:

  • New Jersey Turnpike (12 hours 24 minutes — new speed record)
  • Tangerine Trip (9:28 — new speed record)
  • Eagle’s Way (7:56 — new speed record)
  • Nose (5:16)
  • Lurking Fear (5:05)
  • Zodiac (5:05)
  • Triple Direct (5:15 — new speed record)

Alex being Alex:




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