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Fortunately, this applicable to Android and all other mobile devices too. Trashing on cell phones and social media is en vogue these days.  It seems to have culminated in the YouTube hit “Look Up” Cell phones and social media are just tools though, and powerful ones at that. Its benefit is dependent on its use just like any other tool. I’m not going to site here and rail against them as I… Read More

This times about a billion. People are risking their lives crossing shark-filled seas on rubber rafts just to get a sniff of what the developed world has to offer, and we’re over here all:

This fucking guy. Who does he think he is? Free solo legend (climbing without a rope) Alex Honnold just ripped off another amazing feat the other week.  He climbed 7 routes on 3,000′ El Cap in Yosemite in 7 days.  He set 4 new speed records in the process.  Full story and interview can be found here.  Most people aim to climb one of those routes over multiple days, and that will be the… Read More

I stumbled on this the other day mainly because of a Twitter interaction. It’s a new product called ActivBeacon for your phone (currently only iPhone4 or above).  The idea is simple. It uses the onboard accelerometers on your phone combined with GPS to determine if you have a fall, crash, or stop moving.  When that happens, it sends out a emergency text and voice messages with your GPS coordinates to your designated… Read More

Source – Study: Each hour of sitting erases 8% from the health benefit of an hour of running.  Runners have always known that more is better (within reason). If you run a few more miles per week, you get fitter and faster. The same increases in fitness have been linked to decreased risk of major life diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and the like. More recently, we’ve learned that… Read More

I have a soft spot for Ninja Warrior series. It was the original Japanese version on G4 that made try an OCR. I might not go crazy for the series, but I’ll watch and respect the athleticism of the competitors.

It looks like the Boston Marathon isn’t the only world-class race to get bandit’ed.  The Tour de France has now succumb to this disturbing trend in endurance racing. Sure they were on stationary bikes, but that’s how it starts. Nip it the bud now, France! You’ve been warned.

It’s a novel concept I know.  You are, in fact, not a tree.  You do, in fact, have the freedom to go where you want and do what you want.  It doesn’t always need to be complicated. If you don’t like where you are in life, then change it. Move. You are not a tree. Does that mean it’ll be easy to change? No. Will there be obstacles to change? Yes. Is… Read More

Well… in a sense.  A new site is launched called the Outdoor Exchange. It’s a gear sharing venture kind of the original NetFlix, but with outdoor gear.  They have different yearly membership options starting at $200/year and topping out at $500/year. That’s $17/month and $42/month for the math challenged.  The differences are only in the amount of free weekly rentals starting at 1 and maxing at 4.  Additional rentals are 20% MSRP,… Read More

Source – A terminally ill ex-forest ranger, who had been unable to venture outside for some years, had his dying wish fulfilled when hospice volunteers and the local fire department took him on his final visit to the great outdoors. In his former years, Ed (his surname is unknown) enjoyed the country life, but after becoming sick he was unable to do the tasks that he previously was, confined to the interior… Read More