Source – Study: Each hour of sitting erases 8% from the health benefit of an hour of running. 

Runners have always known that more is better (within reason). If you run a few more miles per week, you get fitter and faster. The same increases in fitness have been linked to decreased risk of major life diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and the like.

More recently, we’ve learned that less is better too–less sitting. That’s because lots of sitting increases the risk of the just-mentioned diseases. Runner’s World Newswire reported on this phenomenon as recently as two weeks ago. Read More


I have a soft spot for Ninja Warrior series. It was the original Japanese version on G4 that made try an OCR. I might not go crazy for the series, but I’ll watch and respect the athleticism of the competitors. Read More


It looks like the Boston Marathon isn’t the only world-class race to get bandit’ed.  The Tour de France has now succumb to this disturbing trend in endurance racing. Sure they were on stationary bikes, but that’s how it starts. Nip it the bud now, France! You’ve been warned.

You are not a tree


It’s a novel concept I know.  You are, in fact, not a tree.  You do, in fact, have the freedom to go where you want and do what you want.  It doesn’t always need to be complicated. If you don’t like where you are in life, then change it. Move. You are not a tree. Does that mean it’ll be easy to change? No. Will there be obstacles to change? Yes. Is it worth it to go through the trouble? Only you can decide. If you don’t think so, then maybe your life isn’t so bad, and you need to just change your attitude.


Well… in a sense.  A new site is launched called the Outdoor Exchange. It’s a gear sharing venture kind of the original NetFlix, but with outdoor gear.  They have different yearly membership options starting at $200/year and topping out at $500/year. That’s $17/month and $42/month for the math challenged.  The differences are only in the amount of free weekly rentals starting at 1 and maxing at 4.  Additional rentals are 20% MSRP, which seems a bit pricey to me.  Renting a down jacket to go along with your ice tools (climbing “axes” for the uninitiated), and you could be looking at $100 just to rent it for the week. Hell, is one tool your one item or do they come in pairs?  Now this could get really pricey!

PetzlNomic + jacket = head-scratching

It does seem like a great way to get your hands on gear in a fix when it may be a one time thing you need in order to hit a certain objective. I’m not sure if I’m willing to give up my gear closet no matter how much it costs and how big of a pretender I am.  Still, it could come in handy for only $17/month. That’s only two post-outing drinks in your local bar.


SourceA terminally ill ex-forest ranger, who had been unable to venture outside for some years, had his dying wish fulfilled when hospice volunteers and the local fire department took him on his final visit to the great outdoors.

In his former years, Ed (his surname is unknown) enjoyed the country life, but after becoming sick he was unable to do the tasks that he previously was, confined to the interior of an adult family home.

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For those that don’t know, the GORUCK Challenge is an event based on Army Special Forces selection training and is run by all former special forces personnel from all branches of service.  Participants have to carry a brick-filled backpack (ruck) during the entire event. It’s the brain child of former Green Beret Jason McCarthy and really started as a way to show that his backpacks (they now have a whole line of packs and other gear nevermind a menu of different types of challenges) could take a beating and be no worse for the wear.  It quickly evolved into its own thing with a cult-like following… and it ruined my life. Read More


International Mountain Guides – Denali Prep Seminar on Mount Rainier
6.5 Days
April 27th – May 3rd 2013
Mount Rainier National Park

I’ve had aspirations in the mountains for some time, but something has always held me back: the odd preference to remain among the living. It’s not that I haven’t spent time in the mountains around me hiking, running, rock climbing, and ice climbing. It’s not that I haven’t picked up skills through lessons from guides and through personal trial and error. It’s a question of geography. Big mountains have glaciers, and in order to successfully and safely scale these mountains, you should know how to navigate glaciers and their related challenges. Seeing as the nearest mountain with a glacier is thousands of miles from me, gaining experience is difficult. Read More



Surely this is an adventure and sports blog, but I feel broadening your horizons be it racing an Ironman triathlon, climbing El Cap, finishing the Peak Death Race, or learning about science’s attempts to marry the micro and macro worlds should be considered an adventure. Read More


I saw this picture posted by Runner’s World the other day, and I don’t think it tells the full story. Read More